the roll: story

the roll: story

roll: was founded on a very simple idea. Riding a bike is fun, exciting, inspiring, and even life changing. Shopping for a bike isn’t. We were left asking, how could something that inspires so much passion and enjoyment, be so complicated, confusing and difficult. We just didn’t get it.

So we set out with a clean sheet of paper, lots of questions starting with why?, and a lot of ideas staring what if? Many late nights and light bulbs going on followed. From there we developed the core principles of roll: and founded our company on an unwavering approach to customer service that drives everything we do.

We started by asking people a very simple question; why they ride not what they ride. Armed with much more revealing insights, we organized our store around the core ideas of roll:sport, roll:active and roll:family to make it easier for people to find their own path. We developed our roll:perfect fit system to make sure that everybody was comfortable and fit correctly on every bike we sell. We created an approach to ride wear that added an element of style for after the ride as well as performance for during the ride. Because I don’t look very good in lycra. From there we added an absolutely unique collection of the best bikes, the best brands, the best accessories and the best apparel into the mix and roll: came to life.

It’s been a wild ride since we founding our company in 2005. But in the process we’ve been inspired and joined by a great group of collaborators, companies team members and friends that share the same belief in riding bikes and having fun doing it at every level. In the short time we’ve been together we’ve opened 3 stores, launched our online business, developed great relationships and helped thousands of riders to get the most from the ride. We are fortunate to be able to count elite racers, recreational riders and casual cyclists, commuters, explorers, dirt junkies, families and riders of all ages amongst our customers. All share the common love of the ride.

We’re looking forward to the excitement of road ahead where ever that might take us. But mostly we look forward to continuing to strive to make sure that each and every person can get the most out of our shared passion, for every different reason they might ride. I’d like to invite you to come take a look around, kick our tires and join us. Come weave between the lines, race between the lights, tear up the trail map and stick a playing card back in your spokes. It’s true what they say: you never do forget.

- Stuart

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